A place in the design of time

Design of timeA topic I come across everywhere around me these days is the upcoming graduation and what lies in store beyond it. There is a wide array of feelings about this matter among students, mixed feelings ranging from panic to fear. I must confess that I had my own moments of doubt related to what will come next in my life, but I managed to get over them through a rather pragmatic approach. As obvious as it may sound, I truly believe that a graphic designer can find a place in any field. Everything around us, everything that people create has to do with design. The future is design and we, the graphic designers, are part of its architecture. We give shape to the smallest pieces of evolution. These past three years have irrefutably given me the chance to perceive the surrounding world with greater intensity and depth. I find inspiration in almost everything. Any new experience spurts new concepts in which I discover deeper meanings, less obvious to the lay eye. Ideas come from everywhere. They create images that are easily transposed into future projects. The desire to express my creativity and use my imagination has become a modus vivendi. I love what I do and I put in all my passion, which reinforces my conviction that I will find my place in the design of the time to come. In the meantime, I will be enjoying the world around me, trying to find beauty in the simplest of things. Just like the old man in the photo that I noticed a few days ago, painting an urban landscape in front of the university building and who brought a warm tingle in my heart. I felt like looking in a mirror as I noticed him trying to bring meaning and blow life in something apparently inert. Giving identity to something common. Offering beauty to the others.